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first try with, qt-4.5.1 + kde-4.2.2, not so happy here
Saw qt-4.5.1 released, woo! went to try it out, not so woo. ):

Upgraded my once-happy qt-4.5.0/kde-4.2.2 box (using oxygen), lots of weird rendering present, including biggies like kickoff/lancelet/krunner drawing empty boxes/frames. screenshot:
Seems the oxygen plasma theme is affected more than others I tried (including Aya, o3, which were mostly ok).

Oddly enough, the empty boxes persisted even after downgrading back to qt-4.5.0... need to further analyze my plasma*rc files before/after upgrade/downgrade.

Any ideas? Anyone else with good/bad experiences using qt-4.5.1 (esp against kde-4.2.2+)?
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Clear your cache?

You probably should clear out your kdecache files. I know that the svgs that plasma renders are cached there, so maybe you need to clear those out?

Re: Clear your cache?

Clearing ~/.kde/cache-*/plasma* and ~/.kde/cache-*/kpc/plasma* does indeed help.

So far, I've noticed the same behavior. My /tmp is mounted as tmpfs so I thought a reboot would clear it, but apparently not. I'm looking into that now. If anyone has any good suggestion for cleaning things up (or any idea where the problems snuck it), it would be great to know.


Re: Noticed the same..

Kde devellopers have told that KDE 4.2 may have bugs with Qt4.5 because they wrote it before the release and wrote the main part with Qt4.4. They had to implement things that weren't in Qt4.4 but in Qt4.5 so I think that's bug are 'normal' you should try kde svn with the new Qt instead of KDE4.2

Re: Noticed the same..

I have the same bug for the battery plasmoid and so I cannot change of powersaving mode which is quite bad :-[
No other problems noticed so far...

Re: Noticed the same..

Things worked with Qt 4.5.0 but doesn't with Qt 4.5.1

There's something fishy going on...

Re: Noticed the same..

The cache of plasma is not in /tmp but in .kde4/cache-machine-name/kpc/plasma_

I must be lucky then, since I have only encountered one regression using 4.5.1 compared to 4.5.0 and that one is a third-party plasmoid (using KDE 4.2.2). A plasmoid that I rather like but if that's the only regression (touch wood) I'll run across I can live without it for now.

Then again, the only thing from Oxygen I use is the icons...

4.2 + Qt 4.5.x

KDE Developers said that it would not be a good idea to run Plasma (4.2) with Qt 4.5...if you got it working before it was just...luck ? =P hehe
So probably with 4.5.1 it was expected to not work out of the box. With kde 4.3 everything will be ok...


Re: 4.2 + Qt 4.5.x

Nah, those bugs have (to my knowledge) been shaken out in both Qt and KDE.

Apparently new ones have cropped up with Qt 4.5.1, we'll test it and fix it. Business as usual :)

-- sebas

Had a similar problem

Resizing KickOff (the others were not affected for me) was enough.


After someone on IRC's #kde channel pointed me here, someone else pointed out that changing your desktop theme is a workaround. Right-click on your desktop, select Appearance Settings, and then change your Desktop Theme. You may need to select New Theme... to download others.

I'm hoping the Oxygen theme gets repaired soon.

Me to.

Yay, its not just me but I noticed the effects you describe were much worse on my T60 + x1400 + xf86-video-ati/xf86-video-radeonhd. Can't try fglrx cause version 9.4 no longer supports that card. On my other boxes with Nvidia (latest binary) the effects are a lot less noticeable, but there.

Popped into #qt4 and they said it was a kde thing.

Use another theme

Just right click the desktop, and change the desktop theme to "Elegance". Looks better than Oxygen IMO :)

Re: Use another theme

This alleviates some of the issue, however it appears that Lancelot still does not render correctly (at least on my system running the current set of updates).

Just to note:
I have /tmp and /var/tmp (which .kde(4)/cache-* all symlink to (as we should all be aware the current set of packages do) as tmpfs. My point being that these are cleared out often, so clearing the plasma cache didn't seem to have any effect.

Wondering if perhaps wiping out the plasma config and restarting the session would make a difference. I'll look into that next.

Re: Use another theme

Ok. I wiped my plasma config and changed the theme and things appear to work normally now. Lancelot works fine as well (after clearing the cache again as well). So, it looks like (to me) the problems are definitely Oxygen theme related.

qt-4.5.1 + kde-4.2.2

same result for me. in current state, we can't ship Qt 4.5.1.

Re: qt-4.5.1 + kde-4.2.2

umm. have you tried deleting the cache in .kde4/.kde ? have you tried deleting relevant config/the whole folder (in) .kde4? if not stfu.

Re: qt-4.5.1 + kde-4.2.2

This is the exact type of 'sharing' that gives the project a bad name. Thanks for including the 'stfu' because that's really productive.

People skills. They are so underrated in this world, regarding of where and what you work on.

I'm going to do some additional checking to see if we can determine what is/isn't affected. Thanks for all the tips and help everyone!

Re: qt-4.5.1 + kde-4.2.2

it's better to be arrogant than a moron. i would rather an arrogant user maintain my repo packages that knew what he was doing than a wellmeaning idiot. for more examples see the ubuntu forum. i'd rather one switched all the wellmeaning idiots there with arrogant people who knew what they were doing and would give you this & that rtfm & stfu.

This patch fixes the problem:

Greetings from archlinux, :-)


How i can apply patch?

Wait for your distro

You can wait for your distribution to apply to patch, and release updated packages.

The alternative would be compiling the binary packages for Qt yourself... ;-)

compiling binary packages is tedious work....

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