Rex Dieter (rdieter) wrote,
Rex Dieter

kde-4.2.0, sesame2, qt-4.5

I'm happy to relate that kde-4.2.0 has recently landed on fedora's stable update repositories. While happy, the fedora kde-sig isn't resting either, with continuing work to squash bugs and regressions.

For added fun over the weekend, I spun a new f10/kde42-based live image, based only on official fedora bits, available at the usual place:

One item that still needs packaging work is soprano's sesame2 backend. Slow and painful, that is, rebuilding it from from source. Good news: We have a couple of contributors actively working on it. Bad news: They estimate it'll take another ~2 weeks of java packaging love to make it happen.

With the recent call to arms for testing qt-4.5 and kde-4.2.x
, we're taking the plunge for fedora, see my post: "qt-4.5(rc), rawhide, and you":
Tags: fedora, kde

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