tomahawk in fedora, Re: a twisted tale of woe, adversity, and triumph

First the good news, tomahawk, the social media player, is finally in fedora (rawhide only at the moment, stay tuned for an appearance in fedora 16).

The longer version of the story ended up being twisted tale of woe, adversity, and finally triumph, involving bundled libraries, which fedora generally strongly disourages, for various good reasons.

The fun started with a innocent looking support library called jreen. During the jreen package review, it was discovered to bundle a few items, namely something called jdns. In my hunt for jdns's origins, I came across, iris, which itself has been found to be bundled in several items in fedora already, including psi, kdenetwork(kopete).

Packaging iris was fun, with a capital f. Its qmake-based buildsystem supported bundling quite nicely, but building it standalone required a fair amount of work, much of which was done by Spot, bless his heart. My attempt to contact iris upstream has so far been met with silence, but I hold out hope that this work to allow iris to be built standalone can be upstreamed properly someday (without having to fork, which I'm loathe to do).

Next tasks include merging kopete's iris patches, and massaging it's buildsystem to use the system iris. I understand fedora's psi maintainers are working on the same.

Many thanks and adulations to everyone who helped make tomahawk, and it's packaging, possible.

Upcoming Fedora elections

Interesting times are afoot, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Fedora elections process. I'm very happy to see some very good candidates already nominated. I'd like to highlight friend Bob Jensen in particular, whom I endorse and think would be an excellent addition.

While on the topic, I'd been waffling whether to run for another term myself. In a similar vein as Bob, after hearing from quite a few contributors urging me to run again, I felt an obligation to do so. Besides, there were several initiatives that I'd worked toward (examples include Community Working Group/Code of Conduct, Project definition/scope, revisiting updates vision), that I'd like to see come to fruition.

kde-4.6.0 elegance, for fedora 14

Long time no blog.

Anyway, been working like mad over the past few weeks to get some kde-4.6.0 builds for fedora 14 in good shape for wider testing. I'm happy to report we're finally there.

Now, mind you, these are all unofficial builds for testing purposes only, may harm kittens, blah, blah, yada, yada.

(GIMMEE, GIMMEE I hear you saying). Alright, alright.

Fetch this kde.repo file, and drop it into your/etc/yum.repos.d/ directory. If you already have kde installed, then do your usual update procedure (via packagekit, yum, whatever). Otherwise, you're just a yum install @kde-desktop away.

Also, if you would be so kind to provide some (good or bad or ugly) feedback, preferably to our fedora kde mailing list, the kde-sig would be highly appreciative.

Fedora election results are in, and so am I

Honestly, given the quality of candidates running for Fedora Board this term, I didn't have high hopes. What a pleasant surprise it was to hear that I was elected! Many thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in the elections process.

I'm very much looking forward to working with my fellow board members, particularly also-newly-elected folks, Máirín Duffy and (long-timer) Tom Callaway, to continue building on the foundations and vision that makes fedora great.

Early christmas for me

Early Christmas came for this year in the form of an iPod touch. So far so good. Just a bit of music, tv shows and free games so far. Oh. And Internet. Lots of internet.

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FUDCon Toronto, day 1 : Clint and his toys

While Clint was recording/streaming audio from FUDCon Toronto 2009, I was running around observing, interviewing, and even doing the mst3k thing in a few talks.

In doing so, I took the chance to do a quick-n-dirty video interview. Here it is in all it's (mostly) raw and unedited glory,

For evil-doers, not able to grok ogg's, fear not, there's youtube for you.
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