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f9 kde-4.0.85 live image, edu spin preview (pulled, stay tuned)
Updated (F9) live images are are available.  I did i686-only this time (sorry).  I'll work harder to make x86_64 ones next iteration.

F9-based kde-4.0.85 live images (and kickstart file used to generate them) for public consumption at

As usual, didn't have a chance to test these much, so let me know how it works (or not).

Now, off to start working on kde-4.1rc1!  yay!

UPDATE: these spins/torrents have been pulled from distribution, due to legal/policy concerns about calling this "unofficial" spin fedora.  I knew the rules, and should have known better, my bad.  Don't fret, we'll get to work asap to make something legit and distributable.
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Love you for doing this!

Hey Rex, I gotta say...

I love you for doing the EDU spin! Good job, too bad we don't have anything in place for you to get the good work out :/

Keeping current


I installed it and it is grand :) , but how do I update it to KDE4.1rc1?


Re: Keeping current

kde-4.1-rc1 isn't packaged (or released) yet.

Re: Keeping current

OK, but when it is I can just "yum update" ?? ( That is what I wanted to know actually .. sorry )

Re: Keeping current

4.0.85 and newer images will have yum repos preconfigured to support just that.

Re: Keeping current


Thank you very much!

Could you post infos on howto add that repo so that I don't have to reinstall?

Bye & Keep up the great work!

Re: Keeping current

First of all, thank you a lot for your effort. KDE 4.1 RC1 (4.0.98) is running here like a champ. I owe it to you, Rex.

Second, where can I upload my bug reports? I have a pair of them, ready.

1. When I select a screen font (Lucida Typewriter), I'm browsing the Internet in Konqueror 4, and I want to submit a comment (like this one), text color becomes white over white background (and, as you can see, I don't see the text).

2. KNotify krashes on me when the system notification sound is played. It is essentially this bug: , but I have better backtraces (again, thank you for your debug symbol packages).

Again, thank you for your amazing work.

PS. Can you add Amarok 2 Malina Alpha to the mix? It is missed by me ;)

Re: Keeping current

kde bugs ->
fedora bugs -> (fedora product)

if you're unsure, submit to fedora first, we'll triage it from there.

And, amarok2 is on my todo list, coming soon.

Re: Keeping current

Will you be doing an RC1 live spin (with an x64 build)? I'm looking to drop Ubuntu for a while, their KDE RC1 packages are a bit, well rough for my taste. I've tried two of your other live CD's for 4.1 and have been very impressed.

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