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marave, a different kind of editor
I was turned on to Marave the other day, and I really liked how it made me want to focus on creative writing.

Anyway, good news is that marave is on it's way into fedora soon, I hope. :)

For those of you who want to give it a whirl in the meantime, I'll keep some rpms in my fedorapeople space, at least until the package review concludes.


Cool :-)


2010-02-26 09:56 am (UTC)

Roberto, marave author here.

That's great news!

One comment: I am not sure, but you MAY need to install smartypants_license.html as part of the docs because it's the old three-clause BSD license.

PS: I was a user of your kde-redhat repo for a long time, so I'm happy to give something back to you :-)

Thanks, guess my license-checking script missed that.

Re: Cool :-)


2010-02-27 01:58 am (UTC)

Also, I just stole your .desktop file because I am too lazy ;-)


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