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What does Redhat say about LGPL Qt?

This might be slighty off topic, but by any chance: Do you, as a KDE/Redhat guy, know of any change in direction at Redhat since the announcement that Nokia would release Qt under LGPL? After that announcement I have always wondered what the big companies behind Gnome/Gtk (Redhat, Novell, Sun) would plan behind closed doors...

Re: What does Redhat say about LGPL Qt?

Fedora is a completely community-based project, where a good number of contributors so happen to work @ redhat. That said, I have no idea what their plans are, especially those behind closed doors (which is the antithesis of fedora's openness).

Here's hoping those bugs get ironed out quickly. If all goes well at my home machine, I might as well upgrade my work machine from F8 to F10. :)

Ah, I see it's made it into the mainline Fedora 10 repo - installing now - cheers!

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